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Car Help Canada is a non-profit organization that has been helping consumers since 1999. Part of our mandate is consumer advocacy and lobbying the government on behalf of consumers. Our most popular services for consumers include personalized counselling and pricing information when shopping for a new car.

Membership starts from only $65.00 + HST. All memberships are valid for a one year term.

Through our service, you can save a substantial amount of money on your new vehicle purchase. Spare yourself the time and hassle of shopping around for the best price on a new vehicle.


One-time use


✓ Dealer Invoice Price Quote (1 new model)
✓ 30 minute Phone Consultation
✓ Vehicle Buying Support
✓ Vehicle Recommendations
✓ Dealer Recommendation (Location Dependent)
✓ Member Discounts on Services


Most Popular


Everything in Essential, plus:
✓ 1 additional invoice price quote (2 Total)
✓ 1 additional Phone Consultation (2 Total)
✓ Deal/Offer Evaluation (new & used vehicles)


Maximum Support


Everything in Standard, plus:
✓ 1 additional invoice price quote (3 Total)
✓ 1 additional Phone Consultation (3 Total)
✓ Trade-In Vehicle Appraisal (Location Dependent)

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New Vehicle Buying Service


Car Help Canada members can receive a prenegotiated price for the new vehicle they are purchasing. This price estimate includes a full itemized breakdown of the cost of the vehicle, including dealer invoice cost, mandatory fees, available manufacturer incentives, and sales tax. The Car Help Canada price quote will then be matched by one of our approved partner dealerships, which are located in the Greater Toronto Area. Members in other cities and provinces have the option to share our member pricing with a dealership of their choice. Armed with this information, members will be in a strong position to negotiate a fair price with the dealership.

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Used Vehicle Buying Support


Car Help Canada offers personalized counseling to members for all vehicles, including both new and used.  Our team of consultants have extensive knowledge of vehicles of all types to help you make an informed car buying decision. We can provide recommendations and advice with all aspects of vehicle shopping to help you feel comfortable with your purchase. Out consultants can evaluate any used car you come across during your search and help you determine a fair purchase price. We can also recommend reputable garages that can perform a pre-purchase inspection for added peace of mind.

For those who prefer to leave the searching to the professionals, our team of consultants can scan the dealer inventory and share the best examples we find with you. We evaluate used cars based on whether they have been reconditioned, the history report, warranty coverage, CPO status, and value. If you would like to pursue a car we share with you, we will connect you with the appropriate dealer representative who can assist you with the purchase, including offering a discount when possible. This will only be offered through Car Help Canada approved dealerships.


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We like to express our gratitude to both of you for helping us to choose our new car according to our needs. We are proud to be members of Car Help Canada and we like to thank you for all the expert advice you two have given us. It prevented us for making the wrong decision in choosing a new car as there are so many different cars and styles to choose from. You were both so very helpful and you provided all the answers to all our questions. We thank you so very much for your help and for your advice. We recommend you to all our friends and to whoever asks us about our new car, to become members of Car Help Canada as it is the best investment that we could have made. -- Chris & Debbie
I wanted to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for what you do. As you know purchasing a vehicle can be risky and somewhat overwhelming if you don't have the right tools to make an informative decision. You took the uncertainty away.
Again thank you so very much for your help.
I am excited to get behind my new wheels!(new to me)
I plan to pick up the car on Monday.
I will be certain to recommend you and your services to friends and family in the future.
Best regards,
Thanks so much,
We would like to again thank you and Car Help for your assistance and support for our Son’s vehicle purchase . We also found your Insurance suggestion to be reasonable and competitive with all the quotes that we checked including our current Family provider. We are pleased with the professionalism and treatment received from both Chuck & Honda 7 and Debbie.
Alexander(Our Son) , is proud of his new car purchase and feels secure that a lot of legwork and research went into the end transaction.
Take care and be safe.
Del Clarke .
I bought a 2018 Nissan Rogue and saved $2667 on their price. I also saved on rustproofing and extended warranty.
I don't understand why everyone doesn't use your service. Great show on CP24 too.
Thanks again
I took your quote into my dealership in Aurora and quoted the numbers. Previously they had told me they could only sell me the car for $25,400 + HST. I told them your quote and they immediately offered me the car for $100 less than your quote. This saved me about $3,000.
I will certainly recommend you to people I know...
Just wanted to email you and thank you...
John O'Mra
Like many of you reading this, I was skeptical. Being retired, I have had my share of car deals where I felt taken advantage of at the end of the day. NOT with Mohamed. A Sante Fe Sport Luxury from Stouffville Hyundai here are the actual numbers Car Help Canada membership $70 , gas to Stouffville $20 savings on car purchase a net total of $1750. Enough to allow me to move up from the Sport SE to the Sport Luxury model and stay in my budget. That is the monetary savings only. The savings from not running around, NOT feeling cheated in any way and a welcoming and professional service from Mitch at Stouffville Hyundai was priceless. I happily recommend this to any one planning a car purchase Thank you very much Mohamed
Everyone shopping for new car should read this. We were shopping for a new vehicle recently and after getting frustrated with the whole sales song and dance that the local dealerships were giving us we decided to give Car Help Canada a try. We had been long time watchers of Autoshop on CP24 and were familiar with Mohamed and thought the worst that would happen is that we would be out a few bucks for the membership. We bought our membership and the next day we were contacted and provided the name and number of a Honda dealership and a quote for the new CR-V we were after. The price quoted was literally thousands cheaper than the "best" price other dealerships were offering us. On top of that, we brought our old car to an auto wholesaler recommended by Car Help Canada and the price they were willing to pay us was much higher than what the other dealerships were offering. Overall the buying experience could not have been any easier or any more pleasant than the one we had using Car Help Canada. I would highly recommend Mohamed and his team. Thank you so much not only for the money we saved but for the whole experience. This is what car buying should be like for everyone. -- Edward and Wen
We are finally a proud owner of new 2017 Toyota Highlander Limited. Thank you for such a seamless process. Ben was extremely nice and helpful with everything. Kids love the new SUV and can't wait for summer excursions. -- S.S.
Thank you kindly again for that additional 2000 discount on CR-V, my wife and I appreciate this. -- Nick
Thank you so much. It would not have been possible if you guys wouldn’t have been there. Buying a car for the first time is pretty frustrating with so many negotiations be it insurance or dealership. I know where to come for my next car now.
I might get a quote from you guys in case any of my close relatives or close friends need help buying a car.
Thanks Again.
We would like to extend our deepest gratitude and thanks for the one-on-one counsel and expertise provided to us. The membership cost was worth every penny, and ended up saving us thousands of dollars in repair expenses. If you were not there to advise us, I'm sure we would not be driving our vehicle today. -- Sincerely, Julian & Alicja Lisicki
I haven't had a chance to call into your show recently, but I thought I would send this note along. I have been looking around for a Honda CR-V for awhile and haven't really found a price which I was comfortable paying. One day it occured to me to try your service as I have seen many times on your show how many people you helped out. As a result of becoming a member of Car Help Canada, you managed to save me $2,400 on a new CR-V based on the recommended dealership you provided. I called you again recently asking if you could recommend a place where I can pick up some winter tires for the vehicle. Based on your suggested retailer, I again saved another $250 for a set of tires. Thanks again for saving us a ton of money. This was the best $67 I have ever spent by joining your club. -- Parry
Dear Mohamed, I just want to say Thank You very much for helping me and sent me to JP Ostiguy of Agincourt Nissan, I got the best price for new Nissan Pathfinder 2013 with excellent customer service. When I went to the dealer and told them I’m a member for Car Help Canada and Mr. Mohamed sent me, they gave the BEST price without haggling or negotiating, with Excellent service. This is the best $$$ I spent as member, and SAVE thousand of $$$$$ on MSRP. Thank You Very Much. -- Bobby

I want to thank you for all the advice you gave me over the phone in my purchase of a new Subaru Forester. You saved me thousands of dollars and gave me sound advice on the model to choose ie: 2.5 instead of the 2.0 Turbo, as the Turbo is high maintenance s you stated to me and the 170 HP is quite enough power for sure. Also you gave me the names of 2 persons, 1 for giving me an idea of what my current car would yield in a trade-in and 2 a place to purchase the car. Then there was the warranty question and you said not to take it and you were right. It appears that Subaru Canada wants $1415.00 just for an extra year of bumper to bumper warranty, I have a 4 year lease and their BtoB is only 3 years, crazy but that is their rule/price.

Anyway thanks again and if I have to purchase a car somewhere in the future, I will not hesitate to join Car Help Canada…. All my best… Don Stea.

Just want to say how thankful I am for all the great help you was to me. You take the time to answer all my question when I was shopping for my new car. Now I must say I am the proud owner of a brand new 2013 Cruze. The sale rep at Humberview Motor they were all very profession when dealing with them; I could not have ask for a better service. Thank you again, and I will differently encourage other to use this great service. This is my 2nd time dealing with Car Help Canada. -- Joan Fletcher
Just a note to thank your organization for all the help in buying a car. I called many times for advice and searching a vehicles over the past year and really appreciated it. I have recommended your organization to two others in the Peterborough area and both are very pleased with your service. Keep up the great work - and thanks for your patience. Your happy customer. -- Grant Valentine
Dear Sirs, I am Car Help Canada member and I have closed my Lexus CT200h deal (48 months lease) about a month ago through one of the Lexus dealers that came recommended by you. This email is just to thank you for your service and to let you know that my experience with Heffner Lexus (JOE LUCERI) that I got in contact with through Rydel was rather positive. Appreciate your help! Thanks, -- Sergey Kaplunskiy
Im just sending you a quick note to thank you for your help. I picked up my 2006 Infiniti G35X this afternoon. Don @ Woodchester Infiniti is a great guy and I managed to save almost $2800 off the MSRP. The price I got from John and Boris at Auto Showplace for my trade in was also good in my opinion. Thanks again. I will definitely mention your organization to my friends. Its worth the $$$ !!! -- Stan Lam
Dear Mr. (Mohamed) Bouchama: I must honestly thank-you for helping me get the rust removed on my Jeep T.J. and for directing me to John Wallischek at Auto Showplace. Not only was I dealt with in a courteous manner, I was quoted a 'very fair price' to get the job done. The final cost not only made the drive to Toronto worth it, the savings were enough to pay for my membership with Car Help Canada. Once again Mohamed, thanks for your help and John, for your help in a job well done. Sincerely Yours -- Paul Duffy, Car Help Canada Member from Hamilton
I spent weeks looking for a great deal on a late model 2004 Honda Accord and I couldnt seem to find a dealer anywhere willing to negotiate to allow me to get a best value deal on this very high demand vehicle. In frustration, I registered as a member of Car Help Canada for some help. The very same day I signed up, you had Sean Roberts at Ready Honda in Mississauga give me a call and I was offered a deal that saved me over $2000 compared to what I was able to negotiate on my own. As a member of Car Help Canada I was treated like a very important customer and I received excellent service. The car is in mint condition with very low mileage and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. The Car Help Canada membership was the best $$$ that I ever spent. Thank you Mohamed for all your help! Sincerely, -- Richard Hastings
Thank you very much for your help in finding us our new (used) car. You sent us to Number 7 Honda, in Woodbridge Ontario and we met with Chuck. He had a 2007 silver Fit Sports Model on the lot but we were not impressed with that car. He then took us into his office and made many phone calls to other dealerships to find us a 2009, 2008 or 2007 Honda Fit. He found a few but they were not automatic or were the sport model. We told Chuck that we had just driven from Burlington to Woodbridge and that there was a Honda Fit Model LX in Burlington but at a much higher price than his price. He called Burlington Honda and talked to the Sales Manager Brad, and told him that we were looking for a Honda Fit and that he understood that Burlington Honda had one but the price was too high. The Burlington Sales Manager told him to send us back to Burlington Honda and he would see what he could do for us. We eventually bought this 2007 Honda Fit from Burlington Honda and we wish to thank you again because your contact in Woodbridge was very helpful in finding us this wonderful little car. -- Anonymous