Who We Are

Car Help Canada is a non-profit organization that has been helping consumers since 1999. Part of our mandate is consumer advocacy and lobbying the government on behalf of consumers. Our most popular services for consumers include personalized counselling and pricing information when shopping for a new car.

Level the playing field when buying your car. Our experts answer your questions as you go through the car-buying journey including recommending car models, reviewing your deals, offer negotiations tips, discuss financing, leasing, warranty options, and much more.

Car Help members receive additional benefits, including invoice price quotes, trade-in car evaluation, and, for the Greater Toronto Area, a recommended dealer to purchase from. For those located elsewhere, invoice price quotes can be used to negotiate a fair price with your local dealer. Armed with this pricing information, you will be well positioned to walk away with a fair deal and no buyer’s remorse!

For those who want to do more research or follow what we do, we post videos regularly on our YouTube channel, Car Help Corner. If you enjoy or get value out of our content, make sure to subscribe and turn on the notifications so you don’t miss a single video!

We have been featured on several media outlets, including The Globe and Mail, CBC Marketplace, Go Public, CTV and Wheels.