The price quoted was literally thousands cheaper than the "best" price other dealerships were offering us. Thank you so much not only for the money we saved but for the whole experience. This is what car buying should be like for everyone.

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude and thanks for the one-on-one counsel and expertise provided to us. The membership cost was worth every penny, and ended up saving us thousands of dollars

Thank you kindly again for that additional $2000 discount on the CR-V, my wife and I appreciate this

I bought a Nissan Rogue and saved $2667 on their price. I also saved on rustproofing and extended warranty.


Are you a business or a non-profit organization?

Car Help Canada is a non-profit organization. Our mandate is to help and protect consumers when dealing with the auto industry. We also work with auto industry stakeholders to expand consumer protection rights.

What can we discuss during a Consultation call?

We can help you with anything related to car buying. We can discuss different car options, review dealer ads or offers, determine how to best negotiate with the dealer, trade-in, financing, insurance and warranty advice. It’s your time with an industry expert!

How can I schedule my consultation session?

You will see instructions on your account page. You can schedule a call on the Google Calendar by picking an available time slot, or you can call and leave a message.

How should I prepare for my consultation?

Understand your needs and budget, prepare your questions, send us any documents, ads, or dealer
offers by email beforehand. Have a way to take notes.

Can I have a follow-up call or book a second consultation session?

You can purchase an additional session through your account page if necessary. Each consultation
session does include up to three follow-up emails with your expert.

What is an invoice price quote?

An invoice price quote is an itemized price breakdown for a brand-new car model. The itemized price
breakdown will include the mandatory new car charges, rebates, and, when possible, discounts. It will
also allow you to compare your price to the dealer cost, or invoice price, so you know exactly how much
profit the dealer is making on the deal. An invoice price quote gives you a reference point, or baseline,
to compare against the price the dealer is giving you, and negotiate a fair deal. Click here to see an

How much money can I save buying a new car through the Car Help recommended dealership?

The Car Help recommended dealership will honour the invoice price quote that we prepare for you. This
price will only include mandatory new car charges, any available rebates, and an additional discount
when possible. This can save you several hundreds, even thousands of dollars, depending on the car
model. At the very least, you will know you are paying a fair price with no unnecessary fees or markups.
Car Help recommended dealers are currently only located in the Greater Toronto Area.

Do you help with used cars?

We can answer any questions you have about used cars during the consultation session. We can also
review dealer ads or dealer offers that are shared with us by email so that we can provide you with
feedback. We do not provide price quotes or dealer referrals for used cars.

Does your service work across Canada and the USA?

The Car Help consultation works across Canada and the USA. The Car Help membership works across
Canada, however, we can only provide a recommended dealership for the Greater Toronto Area.

How long does the membership last?

You have one year to use the services included in the membership.

Does the membership auto-renew automatically?

No, your membership will not auto-renew. You will receive an email notification two weeks before
expiry which will give you the option to renew if you wish to do so.

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