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When venturing into the world of motor vehicle purchases, whether you’re eyeing your dream car, or motorbike, or in the midst of post-purchase issues, having a reliable support system can make all the difference. That’s where OMVIC’s consumer support team comes into play. Let’s delve into who they are and how they can assist you through every step of the journey.

Pre-purchase guidance and post-purchase assistance

The OMVIC consumer support team is your go-to resource, both before and after you’ve made a motor vehicle purchase. Their mission is clear: to provide guidance and assistance to potential car buyers and advise on any issues that may arise post-purchase. This includes advising those who find themselves in a difficult situation with a registered dealer or salesperson or those seeking advice before sealing the deal on a vehicle.

Understanding the process

The first point of contact with the consumer support team is crucial. When consumers reach out with inquiries or complaints, they’re given essential information on how to navigate their concerns with the dealer or salesperson. Common queries revolve around vehicle conditions, contract disputes, misrepresentation, and more.

If initial attempts at resolution fall short and there’s a suspicion of non-compliance on the part of the dealer or salesperson, the issue is escalated for further review. This may trigger a formal complaint process where the consumer support team steps in to assess the situation and collect necessary documentation from the car buyer to support the claims.

Types of complaints The spectrum of complaints within the consumer support team’s jurisdiction is vast. It spans from unpaid liens to a failure to disclose previous accident damage to contractual disputes. However, certain issues like buyer’s remorse or manufacturer defects fall outside their purview.

The complaint process unveiled

The complaint process unfolds in several distinct steps:

Step 1 – Initial assessment: Here, the inquiry representative guides complainants on drafting a formal complaint letter to the dealership. If a resolution isn’t reached, the matter may proceed to the next stage.

Step 2 – Further review: This stage involves a comprehensive review by the consumer support team, gathering all pertinent documents to evaluate the complaint’s validity.

Step 3 – Formal complaint: With substantial evidence in hand, a formal complaint is initiated. The consumer support team aims to establish the position of both parties to reach an amicable solution, though regardless of the outcome, they make suggest undertaking a further administrative investigation.

Step 4 – Final action: Even if resolution efforts are underway or unsuccessful, OMVIC’s involvement continues. The registrar has various options at their disposal, to address the examples of non-compliance found during the formal complaint process.

OMVIC’s Motor Vehicle Dealers Compensation Fund

If a suitable resolution cannot be reached, you may have access to the Motor Vehicle Dealers Compensation Fund. Our consumer support team can assist you in determining whether you meet the eligibility criteria. Below is a list of the criteria for eligibility.

To be considered for compensation you must have experienced at least one of the following:

· You've given a deposit under a contract but haven't received the vehicle or an acceptable alternative.

· A court has ordered the dealer to pay you.

· The claim is for a deficiency that the dealer has refused to remedy under the contract.

· The dealer is bankrupt or closing down.

· The dealer has been convicted of an offense related to vehicle trade.

· The dealer hasn't paid for an extended warranty or repair covered by warranty.

· The dealer has failed to honour an in-house warranty.

· The dealer has failed to honour a service plan agreement.

· The dealer misrepresented the vehicle to you, and you would be eligible to cancel the contract under section 50 of the MVDA (e.g. odometer discrepancies, non-disclosure of MTO brand, non-disclosure of former daily rental)

· The dealer's license has been revoked for reasons related to your transaction.

· The vehicle has been seized by law enforcement or a creditor.

Looking ahead

Remember, OMVIC cannot compel or order a dealer to cancel a contract, return money, or carry out repairs. However, our consumer support team does play a pivotal role in ensuring fair dealings within the motor vehicle industry, holding dealers and salespeople accountable for any breaches of legislation.

In the intricate realm of motor vehicle purchases, having a reliable support system is paramount. The OMVIC consumer support team serves as a beacon of assistance, guiding consumers through the maze of pre-purchase queries and post-purchase predicaments. With their expertise and commitment to consumer protection, buyers can navigate the market with confidence, knowing they have a dedicated ally in their corner.