After four months and nearly 10,000km of winter driving, we have concluded our testing of the Sailun Ice Blazer winter tires. Sailun is a tire brand which stands out for its attractive blend of quality, performance, and value for money. They offer a number of different tire options, including the Ice Blazer line of winter tires, which are available in a few variants. The Ice Blazer WST1 is a studdable winter tire designed for maximum traction and performance in severe winter conditions. The Ice Blazer WST2 offers the same benefits but for light truck applications. The subject of our long-term tire test was the Ice Blazer WSL2, which is a studless winter tire designed to offer an optimal blend of winter performance, ride comfort, quietness, and tread life.

Our testing results have shown quite positive. The Ice Blazer has proven to offer the kind of winter performance and safety that car owners should expect from a set of high quality winter tires. Characteristic of most well-engineered winter tires, the Ice Blazer features a specially formulated rubber compound designed to stay flexible for maximum performance in extreme cold temperatures. The intricate tread design and high density siping allow for excellent grip and traction in snow, slush, and icy conditions. Winter tires are designed to maximize stopping distances, cornering performance, and safety during severe winter conditions, and the Ice Blazers proved to do just that.

The other major benefit that the Sailun Ice Blazers offer is value for money. Sailun tires are often priced up to 30 percent less than comparable top tier tire brands, which make them an excellent choice for car owners on a budget. We compared the price of the Sailun Ice Blazer WST1s to other winter tires using the tire search feature on Fountain Tire, a reputable tire distributor.  At the time of our search, a set of four Sailun Ice Blazers in size 215/55/R16 cost $449.96 plus mounting, balancing, and sales tax. Comparable winter tires from other reputable brands cost anywhere from $581.36 to $775.96 plus fees and taxes for the same tire size.

Car Help Canada recommends winter tires to all Canadian car owners. In addition to proven performance and safety benefits in winter conditions, some car owners may also benefit from a small discount on their car insurance in Ontario. Winter tires are mandatory in the province of Quebec. Ideally, winter tires should be mounted on a separate set of wheels from summer tires to help save time, money, and the life of the tires. Many shops and dealerships offer tire storage which can be helpful to those who do not have a safe space to store their extra set of wheels and tires.

The Sailun Ice Blazer is an excellent choice for those shopping for winter tires. It even comes with a respectable 60 month warranty and is covered under Sailun's road hazard replacement program. It offers an attractive blend of winter performance, refinement, and value for money that is difficult to top. To learn more about the Ice Blazer and other tires, please visit the Sailun website. You can also use their dealer locator tool to find a supplier near your location.


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