If you are working with a very tight budget or looking for ways to save money on car maintenance, you could be considering purchasing some used tires versus buying new tires. A brand new set of tires can be expensive and many auto shops offer used tires with attractive price tags. Although it may seem to be a viable option under certain circumstances, there are a few important things to consider before deciding to buy used vs. new for your vehicle.

There is a lot of unknown risk when it comes to the quality and lifespan of used tires. Some may only last a single season before needing another replacement, while others may have a few years of life left on them. In any case, the price might not be significantly lower than deciding to buy a quality set of brand new tires, especially when you consider some of the more surprisingly affordable tire brands out there. The tire brand Sailun, for example, offers a value-packed line of high quality tires that are priced up to 40 percent less than competing big name new tire brands. According to Tire World, a large independent tire shop, used tires for a typical passenger car in the most common size of 205/55R16 start from around $40.00 and up per tire. By comparison, a brand new set of Sailun Atrezzo SH402 tires can be purchased from only $84.00 per tire in that same common size. The cost savings of deciding on used versus new isn’t much when you factor in the longer lasting tire life, performance and warranty you get with a new tire compared to the as-is buyer risk of unknown condition and history of used tires that may have been patched, cracked, unevenly worn or run-flat which can compromise safety and performance.

Used tires can pose a serious safety concern due to deterioration, wear, and age. Older tires will have a low level of performance when compared to brand new tires. Some may even put you at risk of a tire blowout or need replacement of one or more tires from the set due to previous damage or poor condition. Never purchase used tires from a low-quality auto shop or private seller, as they are far less likely to follow quality control guidelines and could even put you at risk.

Another major disadvantage of used tires is that they often lack any kind of warranty coverage and as mentioned, their previous history is most certainly unknown – they were likely taken off another vehicle for a reason, which risks leaving you with a host of headaches including poor performance and serious safety issues. Brand new tires often come with a lengthy warranty period for added protection and customer support to deliver true peace of mind. For example, the Sailun Inspire all-season tire offers a 5 year or 120,000km limited tread life warranty. It is also covered under Sailun’s one-year road hazard replacement program which is included with your tire purchase at no additional charge. While a fair amount of savings can be found between the cost of used tires compared to pricey brand new major name brands, there is something to be said for smart shoppers willing to consider brand new tire alternatives like Sailun who stand behind their products at a much more affordable price.

If you are desperate for a short-term solution and find a lightly used set from a reputable source, used tires can potentially be a viable option. For the vast majority of car owners, however, brand new tires are clearly the superior and safest choice. A quality set of new tires will offer excellent performance, safety, and longevity, while being backed by a manufacturer warranty you can count on. A reputable alternative to expensive major tire brands with proven performance might be your best bet such as Sailun Tire, allowing you to save some money on your next tire purchase by considering surprisingly affordable alternatives.

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