Drive Safe This Winter With Rain-X® ClearView    

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As summer comes to an end, the winter season is inevitably not far off. Whether you find the winter season to be a blessing or a pain, there is no question that it is the most difficult season to drive in. In addition to being a hassle to drive in, it is also the harshest, most demanding season on a car, which is why it is necessary to prepare your car accordingly.

In addition to changing your all-season tires to winter tires, having the battery checked, and performing a thorough vehicle service, it is also important to check and replace your vehicle’s windshield washer fluid as part of your winter preparation. You should choose a windshield washer fluid that protects you from the lowest wind chill temperatures you experience in your area. Running summer-rated fluid in the winter could damage vehicle components and potentially leave you stranded during extreme winter weather conditions. 

A popular option that can help you drive safer in winter weather is the Rain-X® ClearView Windshield Wash product line. Rain-X® ClearView is the number one windshield washer fluid with water repelling technology in Canada. Its exclusive water repelling technology quickly repels rain, sleet, snow and ice, promoting water beading particles for better clarity, while improving driving visibility during extreme Canadian weather. Rain-X® ClearView’s exclusive water repelling technology has been meticulously tested at Ontario Tech University and optimized in harsh conditions and against other formulations, to offer outstanding windshield visibility in wet winter weather.

Rain-X offers three newly launched formulations designed for winter weather.

  • Winter Shield – Improved formulation to provide better visibility and de-icing performance down to -45°C. This is the best-selling consumer’s favourite.
  • X-Treme Protection – Improved formulation for protection down to -50°C. The ultimate freeze point protection – and only on the Canadian market.
  • Bio Source – New plant-based formulation, made from a renewable energy source, helps you see clearer down to -35°C.

In addition to picking the right fluid, it is important to use your windshield washer fluid correctly. For example, Rain-X® ClearView Windshield Washer Fluid comes ready to use and should never be diluted with water. For optimal performance, empty and flush the windshield washer fluid reservoir completely before adding Rain-X® ClearView Windshield Washer Fluid.

You should never drive your vehicle in winter before properly clearing the windshield. For best results, warm the windshield by letting your car run with the heater on to help prevent ice accumulation or freezing. Also, make sure that your wiper blades are in good condition and replace them if necessary. Ensure your windshield and passenger compartment are fully heated before you apply Rain-X® ClearView Windshield Washer Fluid.

To learn more, please visit the Rain-X website.