With temperatures rising and the winter season well behind us, it is time to start thinking about switching your winter tires over to tires suited to warm weather. Once temperatures rise above 7 degrees Celsius, winter tires begin to wear much faster than normal. Prolonged exposure to hot weather can significantly shorten the life of winter tires. Changing over from winter to all-season or summer tires should be done in the early spring at a reputable garage or dealership as part of your car’s regular maintenance service and inspection. Proper tire installation and balancing is essential to optimizing your car’s safety and performance.

If your warm weather tire setup is worn out and due for replacement, there are a number of tire options you may want to consider. All-season tires are what most mainstream cars, crossovers and light trucks come equipped with. These are great for the warmer seasons of the year where snow and ice aren’t an issue, and perform well in both dry and wet weather. All-season touring tires are the ideal choice for those looking for comfort, quietness, and long life. While dedicated summer tires with strong warm weather performance are available, the griping compound and more aggressive tread pattern of these sportier tires often result in reduced comfort, higher noise levels, and a shorter lifespan.

There are many different brands to consider when shopping for a set of tires. It is important to consider a tire brand that offers quality, longevity, and a strong manufacturer warranty. One brand which checks all of these boxes is Sailun Tire. Perhaps best of all for many consumers, the Sailun brand offers excellent value for money with prices that are between 20 to 40 percent less than more expensive big name tire brands, saving you hundreds of dollars while still delivering great performance.

An excellent all-season tire for a wide range of passenger cars and crossovers is the Sailun Inspire touring tire. This top-quality tire is a true match for some of the best major tire brands out there, but at a significantly lower price point. As a true alternative to big name brands, Sailun offers long lasting tread life, a very quiet ride, and excellent all-season performance. More importantly, the Sailun Inspire comes with a top-notch 5 year or 120,000km limited tread life protection warranty and includes a 1 year road hazard warranty. For the vast majority of Canadian drivers, this is a great three-season tire. For a more thorough look at the Sailun Inspire Touring, take a look at our tire test evaluation.

An excellent option for truck and SUV drivers is the Sailun Terramax HLT. This premium all-season tire has been specifically designed with pickup truck and SUV drivers in mind. The specially formulated compound and tread pattern have been designed to offer a quiet driving experience, excellent handling and performance, plus a long lasting tread life compound. The Terramax HLT also comes with 5 year or 80,000km limited tread life protection and includes a 1 year road hazard warranty.

To learn more about Sailun Tire, check out their full lineup of car, truck, SUV and crossover products at sailuntire.ca. You can also use their handy dealer locator tool to find an authorized retail location near you.